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Hi and Merry Meet :) [13 Nov 2010|12:38pm]

My name is El and I wanted to invite you all to join in a brand new world wide pagan community project.

The Merry Meet!


Created by the Pagan Community, for the Pagan Community.

Where pagans, psychics and alternative spiritual types connect from around the globe!

Create your profile, make a group and forum for your coven, join other pagans and spiritual folk in intelligent conversation on our forums, share images, music and stories or simply connect with new and old friends.

You can even create and promote your events or your pagan related business!

The Merry Meet is here to bring together our community with Love, Joy and Wisdom. We're still brand new and slowly ironing out the kinks so please be patient with us!

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Body-positive, Earth-positive, menstrual soultions [19 Aug 2010|12:27am]

I have an online store selling reusable menstrual products, and I thought at least a few women here might be interested.

I specialise in menstrual cups (sometimes known by the brand name mooncup) and washable cloth pads at the moment, but may branch into other products, such as sponges and cloth tampons, at a later date.

I'm still getting up and running, so don't have every brand in stock just yet (international post is sooooo sloooooow), but I will be stocking these cup brands: Diva, femmecup, fleurcup, iriscup, lunette, ladycup, mooncup, Keeper moon cup, meluna, miacup, shecup, and Yuukicup (naturecup too when they are available). Some are here already, others are in transit. Menstrual cups are excellent for collecting blood for menstruation related rituals. I will be stocking the 'first moon' book by Moontime Aotearoa too.

I will also have as broad a range of locally made and imported cloth pads as I can, including some I make myself.

The website is www.environmenstruals.co.nz. (the pad related parts of the site are still under construction, as are a few of the more finicky details throughout).

If you're in Chch I can offer personal consultation with samples and all to help you pick the right products for you, and can even save you postage and let you pay in cash :-) For everyone else, I'm very happy to chat ponline or on the phone, and can be very flexible on payment methods for those without credit cards or online banking.

I hope to be saving you all hundreds of dollars each very soon.

*I'm also keen to hear from anyone who makes pads and pouches who may want me to stock their wares.
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Just returned to New Zealand [03 Jul 2010|10:56am]

Bandia Duit

My wife and I have just returned to New Zealand (Dunedin) after 6 years in the USA. So how does one network with Kiwi Pagans these days? I used to use Witchvox, but Dunedin has perhaps 5 or 6 listings, and for a University town there has to be more (one hopes anyway).

I was a founding member of the now defunct Otago University Pagan Network, and spent 3 years as it's Lawspeaker (President) after the Origional leader had to leave. I've been a Neopagan over 25 years, 20 of those as a Neopagan Druid, and the last 10 as a member of ADF (www.adf.org). I'm Chieftain of the ADF Warriors guild, and also Grove Organizer (till I moved here) of Twisted Tree Protogrove in South Eastern Wisconsin.

I'd appreciate being pointed at some resources ;)


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pagans wave your arms around and be counted [08 Sep 2009|06:12pm]

[ mood | cheeky ]

shamelessley stolen from  Letter from Hardscrabble Creek  Chas Cliftons Blogg

Three researchers are working to update Voices from the Pagan Census: A National Survey of Witches and Neo-Pagans in the United States, originally published in 2003.

Helen Berger, one of the researchers, writes, "This survey builds on an earlier one completed over twenty years ago, primarily in the United States, which was conducted by Helen A. Berger and Andras Arthen (of the EarthSpirit Community) entitled the Pagan Census.

"A number of scholars have noted that it would be helpful to have a follow-up of that survey to see if and how the community has changed or remained the same. The survey that follows uses many, although not all of the same questions that were in the original survey to provide that comparison. There are also new questions, for instance about the Internet, something that was of little interest 20 years ago but is now, and some from other studies, that again permit a comparison. This has resulted in the survey being somewhat long--we appreciate your taking the time to complete it."

Please feel free
to spread this URL around the Pagan Web to get as wide a variety of respondents as possible.

its a long survey, however the site enables you to save it in that if you leave your tab open like i did and then hyperbate your computer you do not loose any of the data that you have painstakingly entered *phew*... also despite it being long it is well worth doing.. especially if you are a kiwipagan, cause you know we are here and we are kinda different like everyone else mmk.. *beams*

do be do

x posted on various kiwipagan sites, actually could be spamming.. *grins*

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[13 Sep 2007|11:46pm]

I hear the next Magick Earth Festival is going to be held in Morrinsville, Friday 9th - Sunday 11th November.

Who's planning on going? And does anyone have any further details?
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Auckland - Sat 1st Sept (NEXT WEEK) - Innominata [25 Aug 2007|02:14pm]


Start planning your outfits to win those exciting costume prizes!!

Zanzibar is a perfect venue and we have some great entertainment lined up so make sure you don't miss out on checking this one out.
Room Noir will be on early to sooth and scare you with beautiful music, the Djs Somnus, Spiggy and Valec will try to keep you dancing and amused and then Vostok Lake and The Vostok Girls will go on at midnight.
There are prizes for best costumes male and female, and best mask as well as a charity raffle for the Auckland Cat Rescue (who also get all the profit from the night that isn't going to the bands).

Costume Magic are one of our sponsors and will hire you a full costume (including all layers and accessories) for just $50. Make sure you mention Innominata and go in the special prize draw!
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THIS FRIDAY - Mother Russia: Vostok Lake and Litvak Attack live @ The Thirsty Dog (Auckland) [16 Jul 2007|06:11pm]

Ok so the title says it all really but a recap none the less:

Acerbus Sonitus Presents:
An All Female Audio Revolution

Featuring Litvak Attack and Vostok Lake LIVE!

Plus other entertainment including female Djs, the Vostok Go-Go Girls,
And a gypsy dance performance by The Magdalene.

Friday 20th July (That is THIS FRIDAY!)
Doors at 9pm

At The Thirsty Dog (corner Howe Street and K’rd)

The djs will be playing an amazingly eclectic mix including, but not limited to, prog-rock, ambient and dark folk, goth rock and post punk, and finishing the night with hard rock, old school metal and some NZ hardcore!

All genders welcome.

PS: dear goths don't worry I've not gone to the rockside forever - I've found the perfect venue for a new goth/darkwave gig... save Sept 1st...
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PagaNZ! (crossposting) [07 May 2007|02:51am]

Hi Everyone,

We're delighted to announce that the PagaNZ website
is now live and ready for visitors!

Please throw your support behind this venture - we're really enthusiastic about it and we know others will be too!



and on behalf of
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[15 Feb 2007|04:11pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey guys things here have gotten pretty dead so my friend has gone and made a new NZ pagan commy that we are hoping to keep going

I know its a bit rude to advertise other commies but I thought you all might enjoy it :)

so join and get telling us stuff!




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Club Bizarre Presents: Exorcism Feb 24th @ Moth [31 Jan 2007|11:26am]


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Magick Earth Festival - Easter 2007 [15 Jan 2007|02:29pm]

The Magick Earth Festival is back at Tatum Park in Levin for Easter 2007
Friday 6th April to Monday 9th April (three nights)

Cost for camping is Adults $15 a night if paid by the 3rd of March ($20 a night after)
with Communal Dinner and Breakfast included each day

Many more details at
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T-shirt design [09 Sep 2006|02:58am]

I came across this and thought you might be interested. It's a US based company/site.
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Simple Question [04 Sep 2006|03:22pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

Do you believe our god/dess are interventionist?

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Magick Earth Festival [19 Aug 2006|08:51pm]

Thanks strude1 for the info:

The next Magick Earth Festival is going to be held at Port Waikato on Friday 27th October, timed to coincide with Beltane.

Runs from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Port Waikato is a school camping ground so there are dorms, a kitchen etc. You can also bring a tent and camp out.

Here's the website for more info:


I'll definately be going I think, since for once, it's held relatively close to where I live. Hopefully get to meet some of you there! :)
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[12 Jul 2006|02:02am]

[ mood | confused ]

Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but I was lying in bed half awake and feeling a bit confused (as you do). I'm sure I know the answers to this but my mind is drawing a blank, probably because of the late (or is that early?) hour.


What is the difference between Witchcraft (as a religion) and Wicca? IS there a difference? Or is Wicca just a new name for the religion of Witchcraft? I'm not talking about BTW or anything, just plain ol' Witchcraft, the religion.

I ask because I've been corresponding with a lady who is a Witch, she is not Wiccan, she believes Witchcraft is a religion and she comes from a long line of psychics/witches (She's actually told me a lot about myself which was pretty amazing that she knew these things just through email).

I digress, I'm wondering what exactly is the difference between the religion Witchcraft, and Wicca? Because I own plenty of books that talk about Witchcraft and not Wicca, but the similarities are prominent which leads me to wonder WHAT are the differences? My Witch friend says that Wicca is a "safe" version of Witchcraft. But I disagree, we can ("can" as in "learn") astral travel, do curses, invoke deities/spirits etc.

She is not very forthcoming with information of course, being a mystery religion and all. But I want to know the differences, are there differences in a traditional Witchcraft ritual to a Wiccan ritual? It would be handy to know, so in future, when I need her help/advice I'd know whether to ask her or whether I should actually seek out a Wiccan "elder" as it were.

Any help is appreciated. :)

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greenman festival in New Zealand [26 Apr 2006|10:29pm]

i hope that this is ok to post here, i have an ulterior a motive, i want many overseas pagans to come as that would be great fun.

next year in February 2007 (the 2nd 3rd and 4th)the Greenman Festival is happening. it will be held in the cormandel which is in the north island of New Zealand. so if you are thinking of going on a holiday you might want to come to little o'l New Zealand and meet some kiwi pagans. also February is the hottest time of the year in New Zealand and the place where the Greenman festival is going to be held has private beach access.

the price will be $150 New Zealand dollars, and will include a place to stay and all workshops and lectures. the Greenman team is also arranging entertainment, bands and a play though out the weekend.

For more information keep an eye on this site. http://www.greenmanfestival.org/

Hope to see some of you there..

*dances round*
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Psst, pass it along. A Pagan group in the University of Auckland [22 Apr 2006|01:02pm]

Are you a Pagan feeling cynical in the vast Christian groups at the University of Auckland? Join Pagans @ UoA! Pagans @ UoA is a social group for Pagans of all paths in University of Auckland. For more information contact aliu020@ec.auckland.ac.nz

Sorry for the Xpost....
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Taken from the website: Wicca for the rest of us [21 Mar 2006|10:42pm]

The Old Religion
or the Olde Religion, for the truly pretentious

Wiccans use this term a lot to denote the faith that they follow, referring to the religion of Europe before the advent of Christianity.

The problem is there wasn't an organized European religion before Christianity. Each of the cultures dotting that continent possessed their own pantheons, their own stories, their own creation myths and afterlifes. Pick up any book on European mythologies or pre-Christian religions and see for yourself. There are some similarities, the result of occasional interactions between the cultures, but each religion and mythology is its own independent entity. For that matter, you can find similarities between those religions and Christianity too.

The idea of the Old Religion generally centers around the idea of there being a single God and Goddess which everyone just attributed different names too. It is your right to hold this as theological belief, but there is no historical evidence indicating as such.

Moreover, the idea that we are following ANY pre-Christian religion is in error. We sometimes recognize the old deities, and some of us try to incorporate the flavor of the old rites, but the simple fact is our knowledge of those rites is generally sketchy at best, especially for those following Celtic pantheons.

Contrary to popular belief, even Gerald Gardner acknowledged:

the rituals he received from Old Dorothy's coven were very fragmentary, and in order to make them workable, he had to supplement them with other material.1

That supplemental material came mostly from ceremonial magic sources: The Order of the Golden Dawn, Thelema, Freemasonry, and other occult entities of the 19th and early 20th century.

This fact does not make our beliefs invalid. It simply makes them not ancient.

The Survival of Paganism
The world's greatest conspiracy theory

As Christianity spread across Europe, followers of the Old Religion supposedly continued to worship in secret, passing down knowledge through families, disguising their religion as folklore, even carving pagan religious figures into the stonework of castles and cathedrals. This occurred for nearly 2000 years, until finally the political climate made it safe once more in the late 20th century for these secret pagans to become public once more.

Hello, reality check time.

For most of history, the ability to read and write was extremely limited. The Old Religion theoretically survived chiefly among the peasant classes, who were unlikely to have the ability to record information. Even if they did, they weren't likely to have the means of acquiring any useful quantity of parchment, which was extremely expensive. These writings would then be stored not in well built monasteries or castles, but in perpetually damp thatch huts with dirt floors - not conducive to archival preservation.

I have spoken with multiple Wiccans and Witches who insist they possess a family Book of Shadows dating 500 years or more. Not surprisingly, they're never willing to show it.

However, if you're not passing information down through writings, then you must do so by word of mouth, verbally repeating the information generation after generation. Passing anything intelligible down two millennia would be roughly akin to a game of Telephone amid all 10,000 attendees during a heavy metal concert.

More importantly, however, is the fact that there just isn't any evidence suggesting the survival of an Old Religion through the Middle Ages. Yes, aspects of the pagan beliefs remained in altered forms - gods became fairies, spirits and saints - but that is not to say the religion itself survived. Yes, people continued to believe in and even practice magic, but the practice of magic does not require the existence of a pagan religion. Indeed, there are records of nuns creating magical amulets invoking Jesus and Mary.

It's like saying anyone who celebrates Christmas (exchanging gifts, getting together with family) must be a Christian. There are millions of people who celebrate the holiday every year without holding religious significance to it. Just because some aspects of a religion survive, does not mean the religion has survived.
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[20 Mar 2006|10:57pm]

A question for the other Wiccans here:

Do any of you think that Wicca has "been around since the beginning of time", that it is one religion that has been practised for thousands of years just under a different name?

I really do not believe that, and think of it is a new age fluffy conception. It's pretty well known that Gardner came up with Wicca in the 50s, yes it was based on older occult work but Wicca itself is not an old religion.

I'm asking this because I have come across a girl who claims to have been raised Wiccan. Yet she tries to tell me that Wicca has been around forever lol.
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Magic Earth Festival! [27 Jan 2006|10:20am]

[ mood | happy ]

The next Magick Earth Festival will be held over the whole Easter Weekend from the 14th of April to the 17th of April 2006 at Tatum Park, aprox 10kms south of Levin, on SH 1.

This one is being organized by a Levin team, spearheaded by the Ginny and Adele.

For all workshops lectures and forums, all our facilitators are volunteers, so we ask for a gold coin donation to go directly to them to cover their travel costs.

In case of rain or fierce sunshine we have arranged access to 2 small rooms in the conference centre and a marquee for discussions, workshops or just hanging around nattering & catching up.

go to the web site for more details.


hope to see lots of you there!!!


X posted to kiwipagans

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