Mistress Polly (pombagira) wrote in nz_pagans,
Mistress Polly

greenman festival in New Zealand

i hope that this is ok to post here, i have an ulterior a motive, i want many overseas pagans to come as that would be great fun.

next year in February 2007 (the 2nd 3rd and 4th)the Greenman Festival is happening. it will be held in the cormandel which is in the north island of New Zealand. so if you are thinking of going on a holiday you might want to come to little o'l New Zealand and meet some kiwi pagans. also February is the hottest time of the year in New Zealand and the place where the Greenman festival is going to be held has private beach access.

the price will be $150 New Zealand dollars, and will include a place to stay and all workshops and lectures. the Greenman team is also arranging entertainment, bands and a play though out the weekend.

For more information keep an eye on this site. http://www.greenmanfestival.org/

Hope to see some of you there..

*dances round*
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