Gareth Thomas (enech) wrote in nz_pagans,
Gareth Thomas

Just returned to New Zealand

Bandia Duit

My wife and I have just returned to New Zealand (Dunedin) after 6 years in the USA. So how does one network with Kiwi Pagans these days? I used to use Witchvox, but Dunedin has perhaps 5 or 6 listings, and for a University town there has to be more (one hopes anyway).

I was a founding member of the now defunct Otago University Pagan Network, and spent 3 years as it's Lawspeaker (President) after the Origional leader had to leave. I've been a Neopagan over 25 years, 20 of those as a Neopagan Druid, and the last 10 as a member of ADF ( I'm Chieftain of the ADF Warriors guild, and also Grove Organizer (till I moved here) of Twisted Tree Protogrove in South Eastern Wisconsin.

I'd appreciate being pointed at some resources ;)


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